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Chronically Fabulous: What is Brain Fog?

Hello lovelies! Today we are talking about brain fog. What is brain fog? As you may know, I have a body that can only be described as ‘special’. I have a hereditary neurological condition (that’s nerves) mixed with a connective tissue disorder (that’s the ligaments and muscles a.k.a squishy bits that hold your bones together). This means I can easily dislocate and paralyse parts of my body… pretty randomly.

Bonus symptoms include being blind in one eye, deaf and having chronic fatigue syndrome. Which doesn’t just mean being ‘tired’ all the time. No, it’s more than that. ‘Brain Fog’ is a phrase used to sum up the confusion, forgetfulness, lack of focus and loss of mental clarity that comes with many chronic illnesses. After all, if your body is constantly fighting to get better you don’t have a great ability to do much else.

I like to describe it as ‘one’s brain is full of treacle’ (Poshest Thing Ever) so it takes a long time for a thought to reach the surface. When you’re foggy not only is it difficult for things to come in- like you can read a line over and over again but get no idea of it’s meaning…or someone asks you a question and you’re so confused/sure you’re about to mess up that you just cry…

So, taking in information is hard but equally putting it out is difficult! From getting lost halfway through a sentence… To just being unable to get the words out. Plus- how do you get dressed if you can’t remember where your clothes are or even WHAT they are? When you’re unable to call up the energy to process or do simple things it can be incredibly distressing. But, it gets better. Here I am, two days later.

If someone near you is in that state, just be patient, give them some time. Keep them warm, safe and fed and don’t ask anything. No: “blue cup/red cup?”

just give them a cup. 

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  1. I love this post, my parents have long since learned not to ask many questions when I’m feeling foggy, I tend to put a pillow over my face child like and say I don’t do decisions! It’s lovely to hear you talk about it honestly, your wit and charm make your videos very watchable! Thank you xx

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