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Decorating the Swedish Easter Tree + Easter Egg Challenge with my wife!

My family are part Swedish and we’ve always celebrated holidays the Swedish way! Every Easter my mother, grandmother and I would decorate a tree together (Påskris in Swedish) and now Claudia and I do. Also featuring Walter and Tilly, who just had a little groom, as you can see- she looks like a completely different dog!

The traditional decoration includes feathers and hand painted eggs. Some people use witches, birds and chickens as well.

We’re going to begin by attaching feathers to our young magnolia tree, traditionally you can also use cut branches or sticks in a vase. Some people say it symbolizes sweeping away the winter and is thus very colourful. My grandmother always added sweeties onto the branches so we’d have a little treat! The best way to stick the feathers to your tree is with brown masking tape- also called ‘framers’ or ‘craft’ tape- because you can barely see it and it doesn’t do any damage.

Hope you enjoy the videoS!

Bonus Easter Egg Challenge! Claudia and I love a good, arty challenge- especially one that involves painting! Which egg do you think is the best? And what challenge do you want us to do next…?

Happy Easter!