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March Favourites “Lady K Loves”: Limited Edition Vintage Clothing

I have made a discovery that has become my favourite shop this month:  Lady K Loves (such a cute name) and wow! For a while, I have been looking for a really good circle skirt and boy did they deliver. It’s everything I’ve always wanted in a circle skirt! Check it out:

I cannot stress enough how good this makes me look, (that’s so conceited…) but it genuinely does. This is the Darling skirt in Coral colour.

Let’s move on to the Lydia Patio shirt also in Coral. It has some beautiful sparkles and buttons and they come in a range of colours and styles. It is really fabulous and good quality. The one drawback is the lined pattern on the sides that has a stiffer decoration sewn into the seams, making it super scratchy on the top because the sparkle comes from the bits of metal and they go into your shoulders. Absolutely love the shape, style and the pattern (even with the scratchyness).

But omg that skirt, i cannot stress how beautiful it is!

Lady K Loves

Some cool things about the brand: everything they do is limited edition vintage style with a modern fit.They are made in England, more specifically made in Bristol. Double yay because I was brought up in Bristol and I got married there. Awesome!

Everything is either done in the special denim factory, or their fair trade factory in India. So you can feel very safe in the knowledge that your clothes are ethically produced.

Other cool thing: each style has one fabric allocated, meaning that they don’t do loads of items. So if you love something jump in there and get it. Its’ beautiful and fabulous. I adore the circle skirts, I think I will be getting one in every colour!

They also sent me other cool stuff, like this sunglasses:

Lady K Loves

I think those are the coolest sunglasses I have ever owned and they make me feel very trendy (and I’m not). Secondly, they also sent me this beautiful little brooch of a Pegasus:

Lady K Loves

I should say that I know someone who is in need of a Pegasus at this moment cause it’s having a bit of a hard time, so this will be coming to you very soon. I know you watch my videos, so now you know!

What else has been my favourite this month? Watch the video down bellow and find out!