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How To Stop Nausea! Sickness Hacks That Work

One of the symptoms of my condition, along with being actually sick, is nausea- which I personally think is so much worse. So. Much. Worse.

At least when I’m sick it just comes out of me and it’s done. I vomit on average once a day and I’ll be nauseous for three or four hours but sometimes 24. So if you’ve come to this video looking for some tips from an expert- believe me, you’ve found one!

Now, not all of these tips are ‘healthy’ but when you’re being murdered by nausea who gives a flying you-know-what? I’ve tried every anti-nausea drug going and nothing has ever worked. These are the things that work for me and I’ve found through many long years of sickness. You can also read everything in my latest blog post, you’ll find the link for that in the description.

1. Ginger

I’m starting you off easy with one most people know about: ginger. Don’t bother with the pre-packaged tea, it doesn’t really have enough of the good stuff in. The best way I’ve found is to chop up some ginger and pour boiling water over it. Add a sweetener tab and we’re good to go. It’s not really known why ginger works on nausea, it just does. This is a very low-level cure however. Ginger tea will only work on starter level nausea, if you’re already on the floor and unable to move your head it won’t touch it. It is however very fragrant. And apparently excellent with pregnancy and morning sickness. This cure is on a par with our next one…

2. Peppermint

This is the go-to for when you’re out and about, it’s the easiest cure to get hold of. It will help level 1 nausea but is really effective for motion sickness or if there are any smells around adding to the sense of ‘I might vom at any moment’. Don’t bother with gum, chewing is just going to work up your stomach juices and that helps nobody. Suck a mint instead. It will also help if you really need to eat but have been feeling too nauseous to do so. Peppermint tea also works but I’ve found only fresh leaves work, not the bags. It’s also great for freshening your breath when just the idea of a toothbrush makes you want to chuck up your lunch.

3. Gaviscon and Werthers

In the same vein as a mint, the heartburn and indigestion relief Gaviscon works tremendously well but, I find, only on mass! They taste very chalky, which might activate your gag reflex, so I’ve found the best way to have them is with sugar free Werthers originals! Four Gaviscon, two Werthers, chew them up together until there’s nothing left in your mouth. Boom. Five minutes later I can actually function. I have no idea why the Werthers activate the Gaviscon and make them more powerful.

4. Diet Coke

I’ve spoken about this before but it works so well I can’t not put it in here… When I first became ill my doctor and I tried every antiemetic pill going- the massive ones you crumble into drinks, the tiny one you put under your tongue. The one that makes your lips numb. The one that makes them blue (just me?). I have so many issues with the Coca Cola company but golly this thing works! Apparently, the high levels of artificial sweetener in the diet and zero versions would make the drink register as sickly sweet but to counteract this they include an antiemetic… And it’s the best one I’ve ever encountered. It works. It just… works. It’s great to have a few sips after a meal, when you’re starting to feel a little queezy, it’s great to have a little glass in the morning to keep the nausea at bay and it’s excellent to have a whole pint glass when you can feel the nauseous doom coming for you. Drink through a straw though, obviously. I’d be a very bad dentist’s wife if I didn’t say that.

5. Diet Lemonade with Apple Cider Vinegar

Another drink but possibly not something you were expecting. This is the bomb when you feel like hurling is imminent. It’s a very old cure for all sorts of things and I understand why, it really does work. Although it might make your pee smell funny. 1 cup of liquid to 1 tablespoon of vinegar. If your stomach can’t handle the fizz of lemonade then put it in sweetened water- I particularly like it with Ribena. Although this is excellent for starting digestion, and particularly great just after a meal, do be aware that if you feel the problem is too much acidity it’s obviously not going to help. Also try to avoid having too much as the side effect of that is certainly… nausea. Also. Do not kiss my wife after drinking vinegar. She won’t like it. Although that might relate just to me.

Your wife probably won’t like it either though.

6. Protein Powder and Sweetener

nauseaThis one I’m actually a bit embarrassed to share. It’s my dirty secret. This is the top of the range, all time best, class A of anti-nausea cures. Try not to freak out about it though… Take a cup of sweetener, add a spoonful of protein powder (preferably vanilla flavoured), mix, eat. Yep. Just like that. Just as it is. It makes me feel so guilty and wrong but it just works. It works perfectly. The protein powder will swell up in your stomach and counteracts the acid because its so alkaline. If you’re feeling sick in a very watery way then this is for you. It will cure even level three sickness.

So there you go, there are my top anti-nausea tips. Let me know in the comments if you have any others or if you have tried any of these.

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  1. Liquid gaviscon works well for nausea, too, since I can’t eat the tablets. I prefer it refrigerated and try to drink water afterwards. There are enteric coated peppermint oil capsules available in the US, and an essential oils company called doTERRA has peppermint oil beadlets. Maybe it is possible to order these in the UK?

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